When to Double Down

What’s your casino game of choice?

Is it Craps or Poker? I happen to love Blackjack. It is the perfect mix between skill and chance. When I was first starting out I would spend a lot of time on the Blackjack wiki page, getting the hang of how the game is played. I learned about various plays and bets, one of the hardest moves I came to grasp is when to Double Down.

I spent many long nights on

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to doubling down is not doing it. Many blackjack players either question if they should use it, or they don’t know when to use it. Learning this technique can be the difference between leaving the casino a winner or a loser.

First let’s look at what it is and then we’ll go through when to use it.

What it does is doubles your bet after your first two cards have already been dealt to you and before a third card is dealt to you. You should only double down when the dealer is at his weakest. This occurs when his up card is a 2,3,4,5 or 6, because these all will cause him to bust. You should also always double down with a ten and the dealer has a nine, or you have an eleven and the dealer has a ten.

But don’t go broke. If you are playing at a table where your double bet is too much, switch to a lower table.